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Denver Lawyer for Workplace Discrimination Cases

Protecting Your Rights and Future After Discrimination

Change is often difficult. Losing a job, like any life change, can make you feel overwhelmed and powerless. At Robinson & Associates Law Office, LLC, in Denver, Colorado, we understand the challenges and stresses our clients face and will take every necessary step to protect their rights and help them move forward.

Discrimination in the workplace can take many forms. You may have been denied a promotion or wrongfully terminated or suffered disparate treatment or some other form of adverse action. At Robinson & Associates, we are experienced in investigating workplace misconduct and will take the time to review the facts of your case, identify your interests and objectives, and aggressively pursue a successful outcome on your behalf.

Immediate Action to Protect Your Rights

When you suffer discrimination, our priority is to help you protect your interests, including your career, reputation and future opportunities. We will take a strategic approach to review your objectives, collect all relevant documentation in your case, including employment records, and pursue an appropriate resolution, either through negotiation and settlement, or trial when necessary.

Our Denver attorney for workplace discrimination cases is experienced with cases involving:

  • Title VII discrimination (race, sex, gender, religion,national origin)
  • Disability (American Disabilities Act)
  • Discrimination based on age or pregnancy
  • Disparate treatment
  • Denied employment or failure to hire
  • Lower wages
  • Harassment
  • Constructive discharge

Advocacy to Achieve the Results You Need

If you believe that you have suffered work discrimination, consider the following questions: Are you a member of a protected class (race, national origin, age, gender or disability)? Were others, who are not in the same class as you, treated differently or more favorably? What reasons did your employer give for terminating your employment or taking adverse action against you? What do you think the real reason is?

Remember, this is a long-term solution and these cases can take time. We will remain supportive throughout the process, set real expectations, and help you achieve your objectives through negotiation or court.

If you are considering legal action against an employer, please do not hesitate to call our Fort Collins employment discrimination attorney at 720-316-1317 for a free consultation. You can also contact us by e-mail at your convenience.

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